I ♥ My Kangertech Subox Mini

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Back in May 0f 2015 I picked my Kangertech Subox Mini Starter kit. So how has it faired? Well I’m still loving it.
Since May I’ve picked up numerous box mods which include the Innokin disrupter, Artic Dolphin ADT50 and a Eleaf 40w tc istick. Normally I have two mods on me at any given time. For some reason I have OCD over my Kangertech subox mini I can’t let it go.
There’s a few reasons for this overall it performs outstanding. The subtank mini well this seems to be the stand out tank for most people, it just has so many coil choices and plus the RBA section. Now I will admit I am not a fan of the RBA base but I do know it has a huge following out there. The mod itself is so comfortable in hand although its body is stainless steel it never seems cold to the touch probably because it’s never out of my hand.
The only issue I had was the paint chipping. In fairness I will say I bring my mods everywhere and I definitely don’t wrap them up in cotton wool. Now 6 months later I’m not even looking at it as painting, it’s more like character build. Like an old war horse, I and my subox mini are inseperable.
Oh and the other mod I tend carry around as a travel companion for my subox mini tends to be either the Eleaf 40w Istick or the Innokin disrupter. The Eleaf 40w Istick because it’s so small and can still hit the upper range of the subtank. The Innokin disrupter because I just like the look of it although I have to say I quiet disappointed with the battery performance.
To sum it up the general consensus on the Kangertech subox mini is you can’t go wrong with one it’s a great all round mod.

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