Electronic cigarette gifts for Winter 2015

Electronic cigarettes gifts can be a great gift at Christmas especially with the New Year just around the corner with people trying to break old habits. Their a bit more exciting than a pair of socks or sweater plus it’s a much more imaginative and thoughtful gift to give your love one the tools to a better alternative to smoking.

So if your reading this and don’t have any idea where to with electronic cigarette gifts or vaping gear general in this we’ll try explain everything you will need to get the ball rolling.
With the popularity of vaping surging in the last number of years the advancement in vaping products have massive. With so many products on the market it can be daunting where to start.

The go to starter kit for most people is the basic eGo kit. These kits are great for testing whether or not vaping is for you, they also perform really well for relatively inexpensive starter kit. However there are a few things to look for when purchasing one these kits.

1. Go for a reputable brand such as – Kangertech, Aspire, Joyetech or Vision. Cheaper non branded batteries are generally a poorer quality.
2. Buy a kit with from a reputable supplier most Irish vaping stores have their own on- line shops and provide great customer service.
3. Don’t forget to buy e – liquid. This can happen very easily online.
4. Check the mah (milliampere hour) the higher the mah the better as this determines the battery capacity (how long you can go before recharging).

Another great present is a box mod. A BOX MOD what’s that? Don’t be intimidated. A box mod is basically a large electronic cigarette, they are generally rectangular in shape that are easy to hold in your hand. The advantages of these are huge the battery capacity (mah) is a lot better along with a higher output (wattage) which will let you have a more satisfying vape throughout the day and long in to the night. Most of these device come in appealing presentation boxes making them a very nice gift. So a few tips.
1. Go for a reputable brand such as Eleaf, Innokin, Joyetech, Kangertech. These brands are known for their quality box mods.
2. Check the box mod your buying has an in-built battery some box mods on the market have a replaceable battery. Vapeways vape shop clearly state this on the product page.